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About Us

Guangzhou SUB:
A collection of r &d, production, sales, system integration, engineering design and installation as one of the high-tech industrial company;

Is the main domestic high-end lighting dimming equipment manufacturers;

Is the industry standard for the culture of the People's Republic of China "the stage of LED lamps and lanterns of general technical conditions" to participate in the drafting unit

China's television lighting association of radio and television association;

China's stage art society director unit;

China entertainment technology association member units;

Guangdong entertainment industry chamber of commerce member unit;

Ha jun gong - ha engineering guangzhou alumni association governing units;

Harbin engineering university electrical engineering department, technical support and cooperative unit;

The company has a number of product technology and product appearance patent;

Company registered trademark: SUB

Mainly products:

1, professional dimming equipment (light control device) : silicon, silicon ark, dimming units, power distribution box, lighting direct power supply box, power supply cabinet

2, professional lighting equipment, professional lighting Ethernet system, optical system, amplifier, decoder, a lamp controller, lighting wiring, jump line board,

3, LED Stage light and lanterns, LED PAR light, LED the heavens and the earth line light, LED floodlight, LED spot light, LED flat light;

4, computer moving head beam light, moving head lights, computer moving head dyed light;

5, stage lamps and lanterns: conventional PAR lamp, spotlight, back light, lamp, heaven and earth tricolor phosphor lamp;

6, stage effect equipment: machine, snow machine, bubble machine

Mainly users:

China central television (CCTV), henan TV station, guizhou television station, fujian TV, kelamayi television, xigaze television station

Song and dance theatre, zhejiang, henan, Tibetan song and dance song and dance theatre, Peking Opera of shandong, Shanghai grand theatre, nantong art theatre

After 512 wenchuan earthquake reconstruction four national key projects of complete sets of equipment SUB professional lighting equipment:

Beichuan, art center, mianzhu, three television stations, aba teachers ink taoyuan center for the performing arts

(beichuan for 512 reconstruction of disaster areas the only relocation of the county, aba teachers colleges and universities is the only completely moved 512 disaster area reconstruction)

On September 23, 2012, China's first aircraft carrier liaoning delivery using celebrate commendation congress venue:

The dalian naval academy hall, guangzhou new equipment to fly 4 SUB 96 intelligent network dimming silicon ark.

Our goal: the optimal product, the highest price and the most professional service.

ISO9001 quality management system leads us to the above the goal!

Welcome to the leaders, teachers, and new and old friends to visit guidance.

Sept. 30th 2013, SUB Flyer series 216-channel console, SUB 96 channel dimmer rack were delivered at Zhiduo town which is one of the important program after Yushu Earthquake.

Sept. 27th 2013, the effect lighting transformation of Shandong Dongying Hekou television finished. The studio totally purchased 1 SUB super series 200-channel lighting console, 1 SUB pearl console, 2 SUB 96-channel dimmer rack, 48 SUB moving heads,etc. Magical effects and stable performance win lots of reputations

Sept. 13th 2013, The large program Sanya eternal love adopt 3 SUB 96-channel digital distributor packs, 2 SUB 60-channel digital dimmers, 3 SUB 24-channel touring distributor racks. We also offered more than 20 suits of digital dimmer packs/racks to other large programs for Songcheng co, Ltd such as Songcheng eternal love, Lijiang eternal love, Jiuzhai eternal love etc.

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